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Create personalized plans

Are you also tired of fitness apps promising you individual workout plans but only offer pre-defined programs with no real adjustment options? So are we! That’s why we developed BestFit to put an end to this.
BestFit has an algorithm that plays by the rules of sport biology and calculates an optimal workout routine according to your wishes. Just during the creation of your plan you have 41 adjustment possibilities! In addition, you can also exchange exercises and continue to personalize it even more.

Time saving for everyone

If you already have some gym experience, you won’t have to spend hours putting together your own workout. BestFit calculates an optimal split training adapted to your fitness level.
23 different training types and almost 450 exercises guarantee more fun through a lot of variety.
In addition, BestFit finally offers you a meaningful logging. It not only offers a reminder of your last weight, but can further optimize your workouts and give you a visualization of your success.

No previous knowledge needed

There is an unbelievable amount of things to watch out for in fitness sports. How do I put together a plan? What exercises should I do? And how do I execute the exercises correctly?
You no longer have to trouble yourself with a variety of articles and youtube videos that are contradictory to each other and confuse you even more.
BestFit teaches everything you need to know step by step and provides you with scientific sources, if you are interested in furthering your knowledge or if you simply want to show off.

What we offer

Free of charge

For the time being and an indefinite period of time.

Exercise replacement

You don’t like an exercise?
Just replace it with another.


Never again pencil & paper.
Enter your progress in the app.


Missing know-how?
We will teach you everything.

Videos (coming soon)

We’ll make sure you do the exercise properly.

Statistic (coming soon)

Visual representation of your workout progress.

What you can adjust


You set a training goal,
we are looking for a suitable training type.


2, 3 or even 7 times a week gym?

Muscle groups

Are you injured?
Tell us what you are able to work out.


Sixpack for summer?
Just prioritize abs.


Tell us how long you want to work out.


If you work out in pairs,
we can take that into account.

Hard facts

If you have not read our texts above…

Training goals

Training types

Adjustment options


Possible plans? More than you can finish in one lifetime.


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